Student Life

We’re proud to have a unique, vibrant and passionate community that creates an inclusive and inspiring environment for students of all levels and backgrounds. Year-round you will find academic activities, social events and more to help build your network while attending Sangeetmay Chinmay as well as after you graduate. Reach out today to learn more!

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Hall Of Fame

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Mayank Sharma

Scored - 91% 

Flute Advance Level - 2

Ishant Verma

Scored - 87% 

Flute Advance Level - 1



The Student President is a student who represents the student body at large. The primary duties of the president usually include working with students to resolve problems and also has the responsibility of leading students in organizing  activities and events.


  • Assists the Master

  • Solve students problem 

  • Reporting to concerned authorities about various needs of the students

  • Management and leadership in organizing different activities


  • Allowed in each and every class by the master 

  • Rasing complain of students or management team to the Master

  • Personal lessons and teaching from the master

  • Organizing different events

  • Suggested Student of the year Nominee to the concerning authorities

Powers and Advantages